Global Business Strategy for Nordstrom in Malaysia (TLTW; Samuel Edward Koranteng)
Banner Montage Image for blog Post for TLTW (Artwork by Samuel Edward Koranteng)

Leadership Styles and Their Impact

It is a common saying, that the end justifies the means. And that is true in many ways, especially in leadership. Does a leadership style produce results? Then it most certainly has something good going on for it that is worth emulating. I believe that as true. …

Living In The Age of The Jetsons Cover Image (TLTW; Samuel Edward Koranteng)
The Jetsons family portrait for Nomonkeytales blog (TLTW; Samuel Edward Koranteng)
Successful Guide to Fundraiser blog post image (TLTW | Samuel Edward Koranteng)
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Samuel Edward Koranteng

soul winner, faithlead giver, prayer warrior, aerospace engineer, programmer, entrepreneur, billionaire

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